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Thank you for your continued support!

Pediatric Dentists in Natick, MA - Drs. Kane, Tesini, Soporowski and Associates, LLP

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Fourth year of amazing support for our troops - wow - what a team!

Thanks to everyone at the office and their patients!


Again, this Veteran's Day was celebrated with a drive to Palmer, MA to fill up our CR-V with candy from this dental office buy-back program. Thanks again for filling up that pickup and driving it out to Palmer to keep our drive down to 2 hours each way instead of 3!

Your office is the best!

Awesome donation!


Today I picked up 26 boxes of goodies and dental supplies along with hand made cards from kids from this great office!

Here are all the boxes as we got them back and prepare to organize and repack them all for overseas distribution.

We will be posting more pictures as we organize everything. We weighed all the candy at over 600 pounds this year!

That's not counting the toothbrushes and toothpaste! :-)

And a shot of some of these as they were organized and re-packaged


We drove to Palmer, MA again to meet Amy who gave us the amazing boxes from this terrific dental office. Another generous donation from a dental office who does a buy back program of candy from their young trick or treating patients. They also gave us many toothbrushes and 2 cases of toothpaste. 14 boxes total! Hundreds of pounds of candy! They also had kids make cards for troops that you can see in pictures here. Thank You! Bless You!


The first 5 boxes went out weighing 134 pounds. Monday another two boxes go out @ 64 #s

We picked up another contact, A Chaplin, who will be getting some too along with some of Josey's home made treats for their Christmas party

We picked up 3 more units today to ship candy to.

Another 6 boxes and 160 #s go out today that makes almost 360#s so far!




Dentist Donation

Pediatric Dentists in Natick, MA - Drs. Kane, Tesini, Soporowski and Associates, LLP

200 Pounds of Candy from their "Buy Back Program" (buying halloween candy back from kids),

a case of adult toothbrushes, a case of toothpaste and a generous donation for phonecards for Christmas.

We drove over 100 miles to Palmer, MA to pick up the goods.

Thanks for meeting us part way Amy and thanks to the whole office for their support of the troops!


Here is the first box to go out from this donation, all repacked in plastic bags and shipping on 11-15-07


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