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We support hundreds of various American troops deployed in Afghanistan area

Here are some of the pictures sent back to us from troops we've sent packages too.


See Movies from various troops here


Christmas Boxes ...

May 2016

troops enjoying snacks

These came in from a copter unit 12/15

These 6 photos came from Capt. Colleen Hollis in Afghanistan May 14, 2011 - We have shipped her some boxes

Some troops enjoying some of the candy we sent over for Christmas 2010...

I do spot one of the Santa hats we sent as well :-)

Pictures from Raymond Lutz

photo of myself and my battle buddy (MAJ Don Elliott) "hard at work" in Iraq. Hard to believe we held a meeting and no one showed up except us!

After the meeting flopped, we decided to do a little R&R in two of Saddam Hussein's lounge chairs.

Last photo is of what is left of the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan.

This particular shot is of the South Wing and is just about where the 40th Soviet Division Command

and Staff housed their operations officers in 1979-1989. A picture of the Palace in its original condition from 1978 is also attached.

Now full of bullet, mortar and tank shelling holes, the Palace is about ready to crumble. It was built around 1923.

Mike Barnette and Assistant

Gary just sent us this picture of his company 2/09.....................................................................      Josey's nephew, Patrick in Iraq now

These 3 pictures are of guys we have been sending to recently...

You just gotta love these "Sweathogs" - really getting into the Christmas Spirit here with the santa and reindeer hats we sent!

Christmas in Kuwait - Treats we sent are on the table and they used a picture I took of our icestorm as an ornament




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