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We support US troops deployed in our global war on terror

A list of suggested care package items is at bottom of the page

I've taken so many pictures over the years that I can't seem to post them all so here are some of our favorite samples

Samples of boxes sent... Winter Fall Easter 10-11 - More Samples on page 2 - page 3 - page4

1/09 Donation - Handmade cards and sun catchers!

Some new shots from 12/08 are below


The last of 4 "Superbowl Boxes" Colts vs. Bears 2007


Here is a list of some items that we have shipped to our units.

When donating items to them, please use this list as a reference, but please CONTACT US first to see what is needed at that time.

Necessities Food Treats Other Treats

Body Wash


Deodorant / Antiperspirant

Baby Powder (Talc) & Foot Powder

Hairspray, Gel

Shampoo / Conditioner

Q Tips

Cotton Balls

Biore Face Wipes *

Intuition Razors / Refills *

Feminine hygiene products (Tampons, panty liners)

Lotions - Moisturizer, Sunscreen...

** We can't ship aerosols or compressed items in cans such as some shaving creams overseas by plane. These must go by boat for safety. **

Ramen Noodles

Canned Foods - Tuna, etc.

Candy Bars

Granola / Power Bars



Candies - hard, twizzlers, gum...Anything Sweet!

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Summer Sausages / Pepperoni

Squeeze Cheese


Coffee - Flavored & Flavored Creamer

Powdered Drink Mixes - Cocoa, Lemonade...

Slim Jims

Potato Chips, Pretzels, Fritos (can or bags)

Can Dip

Salsa and Nachos (Plastic Jar)

Little Debbies

Microwave Popcorn

Phone Cards


Playing Cards

Mini Christmas Tree & Decorations


Lysol Wipes

Small bottles and bags to dispense bigger bottles and bags into to distribute

Postcards and letters

paper, envelopes, pens


If you would like to ship items you have to us to ship overseas, please contact us first.

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