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Latest Donations from Landry's Inc.

Thanks to the members of the Landry’s League for getting these wonderful donations to us to get out to our warriors fighting for our freedoms.

Please visit their website and patronize their establishments.


Summer Donations

Landry's made a special party for the troops possible!

Gift bags, T-Shirts, Pads & Pens, Power Packs, Books

Samples are pictured here

Another amazing donation from Landry's this year... 2018

Hand picked items in large flat rate boxes as well as shrink wrapped bundles of post cards for troops to send messages home.

§ Cookies, § Microwavable Sides, § Toothbrushes, § Hard Candy, § Word Search, § Granola / Protein Bars, § Crackers, § Deodorant, § Drink Packets, § Puzzles, § Chips, § Diaper Wipes, § Q Tips, § Coffee Creamer, § Condiment Packets, § Peanuts / Nuts, § Soap / Body Wash, § Mouthwash, § Tuna, § Hand Putty, § Popcorn, § Shampoo, § Assorted Bath Products, § Canned Food, § Black Socks, § Ramen Noodles, § Conditioner, § Tampons, § Playing Cards, § White Socks, § Pancake Mix / Syrup, § Toothpaste, § Gum, § Crossword Puzzles

Another amazing donation from Landry's this year... 2017

People from all over the country signed cards of appreciation we sent to the troops deployed overseas

Pretzels, hand wipes, pert shampoo, 2 kinds of granola bars and crystal light on the go packs,

Dove bar soaps, individual sun screens, playing cards, cotton swabs and balls kits,

gummy bears packs, disposable razors

These have been shipped directly overseas to troops or shared with other organizations

that offer free items to deploying troops or ship to them as well.

and donated all these "Treats" that they so need as well...



2016 Donations (below)...

Thanks everyone!

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