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Here is a chance to help a soldier share Books and DVDs creating a library in his division

A recent email we received ...

Hi Josey,

I got my friend who is in Iraq to send me any requests. The only thing he sent me was a wish list through

I know he loves to read and is working on building a library for the troops in his division.
Do you have any of the books on the list or do you know of anyone who would like to send him anything on this list? Thanks!

You can see Raymond Spiak's entire Wish List at:

If you have anything on his wish list or any other similar type books, dvds etc you think they would like to share,

you can mail them to us to send at our address on our Contact Page, or email us if you want more information.

LATEST: First Boxes received February 2008! Here are some pictures and email.

Jeff and Josey,

Thank you for the books and treats. I have attached some pictures. The soldiers loved it. Thanks again.


Looks like someone is testing out the pringles to prepare for the dvd on the printer :-)

Here are the next boxes to go out 2-19-08 for the library...

If you would like to ship items you have to us to ship overseas, please contact us first.

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