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We support US troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan regions


Our Story

By Josey Dorr

(Dated 2006)

My nephew, Staff Sgt Patrick Mackey, was stationed at this hospital in Baghdad. This all started because of him! Hopefully we can continue this until all these Men and Women are home! It started with a Christmas package, nothing special - snacks, goodies phone card, ECT. My thank you back said how much “They all enjoyed the goodies” and how fast it all went. After a conversation with his Mom, she had been sending extras and personal items. It started me to thinking, we all have the Flag out front and have bumper stickers, but until it touches your family we go about everyday lives, while theirs’ is on the line 24/7. When I went to work the next day, a small insurance TPA, everyone I mentioned it to was more than willing to help in someway. So we sent an email to Pat “what do you need?” The answer shocked most of us, they were simple things. Deodorant, shampoo, intuition refills, ankle socks, biore face wipes, snacks, phone cards... “Anything we could do would be much appreciated.”

All the things we take for granted, if we run out of any of that we go to the store, want a snack the kitchen is always open. Well…. Not for them. They either can’t get those things or it runs out. There isn’t a Wal-Mart or Target in Baghdad. So with donations we started shipping boxes. We tried to send whenever we could. We baked at Holidays and made sure they had snacks. There were 64 in his unit, after being attacked in October their replacements are an armored unit with 94, half Men and half women. Patrick was lucky to come home safe and in time for Thanksgiving.
Sgt Hart’s unit was his replacement. I asked co-workers if they wanted to continue since it felt so right to help in a small way people who were putting their lives on the line for me. Of course yes was the answer and I having a new and very loving new “Nephew “if you read Chris’ emails!!!! We started with Christmas. We sent a small tree and decorations, games, phone cards and home made goodies. We sent seven large boxes. My friends and family have pitched in with phone cards and even our Dentist has given us supplies and donations. A co worker (Sherry) had a Chinese auction that raised $231.00 and I sold Chocolate trays that raised $160.00 more. When we started to shop for all the things needed for all these people, even with donations we found we were only able to purchase enough for just over half. This was the reason for this web-site.

My husband who has packed and brought the packages to the post office (some weighting over 40 pounds) and also pays for all the shipping, created this to help us help them. Many people when I mention it say let me know if I can help, this will give them a chance to help. I think we all feel very helpless and want to do more. This is not about the war or your stand on it; it is to help the Men and Women who defend our right to have those opinions. So if you would like to help us I know “Camp Falcon” would love it. Patrick said it’s just like Christmas when a box from home arrives!!!! If you want to do more you can check out other websites that have units and Soldiers to adopt. This is a gift to us to be able to give something back to them. I know I can get long winded for those of you who know me - this is short!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read our story!

Here is a report from US News Magazine about Hospital Work at the Camp where it all started

"Its amazing to think of the thousands of troops overseas that we've been blessed to be able to bless.

Help us keep it up 'till they all come home!"

-Jeff Dorr 12/09


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