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Deepest Thanks and Blessings go out to our Donors:

Businesses & Organizations Individuals

Walgreens & Their Shoppers

Landry's Inc.

Girls Scout Troop 1387, Colonie, NY

CubScouts Troop

Van Allen Senior Apartments, Glenmont, NY

Capital Region BOCES Employees

Girl Scouts Troop

White Plains Kiwanis Club

Kaiser Body Shop

Bigelow Tea

MacDill Enlisted Spouses Club, Tampa, FL - We initially collected "pocket change" for about 2 months for another organization with a similiar mission but they seem to have shut down since.


Northway Church


South Shore Healthcare Employees, Freeport, NY


Dr. Stephen Langan (Ex-Army Endodontist)

Families Donate

Forts Ferry School

Girl Scout Troops # 1229, 1564, 1629 and 1903 3/12

Girl Scout Troop # 1564

Girl Scout Troop # 2658

Girl Scout Troop # 1224

Girl Scout Troop # 1703

Girl Scout Troop # 1006 3/11

Girl Scout Troop # 1903 3/11 - Paul & Jane Woolley

Lincoln Elementary School


Mr. Louden’s Fifth Grade Class

NBT Bank's Consumer Lending Division Employees

NERIC Staff Christmas Party donations

Oakland Meadow School, Lawrenceville, GA (Bitsy Maske's class)

Pediatric Dentists in Natick, MA - Drs. Kane, Tesini, Soporowski and Associates, LLP

Pure Elements Salon Kristen Gaffney, Rick Vesely

Radlo Foods, LLC (David Radlo)

Reflective Concepts

Roessleville Elementary School


Richard Cobb

Dick & Edna Kelly

Northway Church's Bakers: Barb Button, Denise Savoy, Irene Amoedo,

Dana Furijanic, MaryJo Dippo, Beth Heasley, Marie Conti

The Three Sisters: Sharon Buell, Karen DeRousie, & Marilyn Pizzo

Prudence Peterson, Catskill, NY

Barb Candee

Barb Burrell

Debra Rush

Delicia Echevarria Valentin

Sharon Kinard

Bill Schimmer, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Jim & MaryJo Dippo

Nicole Brainard

Barb & Stan Button

Derrell Waylon

John Sullivan

Bill Brumfield

Timothy Buckley III, Atlanta, GA

Steve Sternenberg

Sue & Gary Hesselton

Bruce Carter

Christine Deyette Mucci

BOCES Employees on Opening Day 2015

Anne McCoy

Joseph Hannan

Deirdre Pangle

Sandy Smith

Mary McGeoch

Christine Willett, Aurora, IL

Irene Amodeo & Denise Savoy

Chelsey Gillespie, LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ

Michael Adams

Robin Sholar

Janice Patten

Bessie Sze, Newton Centre, MA

Cathy Hulchanski

Jeane Waldron

Joe & Marie Conti

Josh Spalding, Dallas, TX

Edward Haller, Bradenton, FL

Aleta Belcher, Alpine, TX

A six year old boy with his own money c/o Chris Athanas, Whitinsville, MA

Karen Moroz, Maple Grove, MN

Rose Lambert, Portland, OR

Dorinda Jung, Huntington Beach, CA

Rose Ramirez, Addison, TX

Roberta Baurnes, Largo, FL

Sharon and Jim Buell , Marilyn Pizzo , George & Karen DeRousie
Luanne Adams
Mary Mortensen
"Papa" Lou Vendetti

Our friends from Church: Kerry Schmidt, Steve Meyers, Barb Button, Joe & Marie Conti & family, Lois & family, Sue & family, Derek Swartz, Dawn...
Susan Komins, Wilmington, DE
Naomie Walker, Pearl river, LA
Elaine Smith from Westerville, OH

Suzanne Connelly from Yuba City, CA
Carl Strang
Barbara Wright, from McMinnville, OR
Ann Douglas from Culver City, CA
Neil Kristian from Ipswich, MA
Molly & Sue

APA: Thomas, Barb, Amanda, Johnny, Franny, David, Tracy, Cindy & daughter
Starbucks Employees: Michelle, Ruthie, Dave, Tim, Kevin, Dorisan MaryLou , Diane, Eileen, & Kimberly
Kristy Aldinger
Sylvia and Leon Ward
Chantel, Dr. Breault & McGovern's Office, Schenectady, NY
Linda B.
Robin Piper - Latham UPS Store
Tina Foley Fisher and her parents
Our neighbors, Mickie & Brian
The Bazans
TRE: Eileen Pasquini, Kim Mahar , Abby Fischer, Gerene Lynn
Quad Graphics Employees
Rick & Maria
Cousin Kim
Cousin Lisa
Niece Nancy
Laurie Ramie
Jayne Singer
Christine Kleinhenz
Jonie, Rosie's Friend from the Post Office
Friends of Susan Arditi at North Colonie Schools Central office at Goodrich School in loving memory of Susan's father Harold Lachover
The Familes of The Hogans, Arditis and Christophers

A letter from Josey (2006)

We have many people to thank with many more to come we pray… First there are my co-workers where the donations first started. Before our small company was sold I was able to gather items and raise money through raffles, Chinese auctions and keeping a box at my desk. The reason Jeff created the website was to continue to help more of our soldiers. We miss and thank our co-workers who have moved on, Barb, Amanda, Johnny, Franny, David, Tracy, Cindy who with her daughter gave often and generously.Thomas was my champion always. Thanks to all of these people! Our Story

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